I am thinking of having new worktops, what are the benefits of granite or quartz?

The range of quartz products currently on the market is very extensive. These composites are versatile, easy to maintain and generally consistent in colour and pattern.

We can organise samples to be sent to you to assist in your design choice or invite you to view our range of samples in the showroom.

Granite is attractive and often dynamic, each piece having it’s own individual character. We stock an extensive range and encourage you to visit the showroom and slab yard to view the variations.

Through our relationship with both national and international suppliers we can easily source your desired finish if we do not have stock available.

How do I care for my worktops?

Granite is very attractive, practical and hygienic. It is tough, water resistant, scratch and heat resistant. The same applies to quartz, although the resin content means you must always protect your quartz counter tops from heat. With both surfaces you should apply the same care that you would with laminate or timber tops.

Marble is softer, more porous and requires greater attention when leaving products which are likely to be absorbed; primarily oils, acids and many cosmetics. The day to day care is easy, simply wash with detergent and dry with a linen cloth, avoid harsh or abrasive cleaners, but mostly relax and enjoy. Simply Beautiful.

For persistent marks we recommend you apply a cream degreaser, allow some contact time, then gently buff and wash off.

How do I choose my worktops?

You may have already seen samples at your chosen kitchen studio. If not, we encourage a visit to our showroom to enable you to view the various products on offer and to discuss the pros and cons of the various options. If you are unable to visit, we can organise for samples to be posted.

If I accept the quote, what happens next?

We generally require 2-3 weeks’ notice to book the template date of your choice. We endeavour to install 7 days after templating. 

Your order confirmation letter will detail all the criteria required to be in place to enable the template.

Do I need to be present for the template and installation?

Yes, you, or someone authorised to make decisions about the kitchen, must be present in order to answer any questions we may have regarding your individual requirements, such as edge detail, positioning of joints and depth of overhangs. We also require you, or someone authorised, to sign off the installation as it is completed.

Can you give me a quotation over the phone?

It is preferential to quote from a drawing in order to determine the positioning of the joints and which edges will require profiling etc, this tends to work in your favour as it is more accurate.

Can we work with any kitchen companies?

We work alongside kitchen companies, builders or architects as well as directly with the public.

Do I have to have joints?

Joints are often unavoidable. We will do everything we can to minimise the number of joints and make them as least noticeable as possible. We use a two part epxoy resin to seal the joint, which is coloured to blend with the stone.

Will you plumb my sink and tap?

No, over to your plumber for this one. We do however, seal the under-mounted sinks and position the taps ready. Likewise, your hob will need to be connected by a suitably qualified tradesman.

Can I put hot pans onto the worktops?

We always recommend the use of a trivet as any damage from hot pans is not guaranteed.

Can I template myself/ get my builder to do it?

Yes, however if we are working to your templates we will not fit. Our fitting service is only available when we have created the templates.